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DeadHORSe MC Consenting Partners Sex Contract

    I, hereby surrender all possibilities of commitment, marriage, guilt-trips and near-pregnancies in exchange for

    one (1) night of DeadHORSe or USDA approved fondling and fornication.

    I will not call, write or otherwise contact/harass or vex said co-signer of contract. I also surrender all rights to
    propagate rumors, misnomers and dirty looks at any Rallys/Campouts/Bars from myself and friends, and will
    treat said co-signer with all the respect due any DeadHORSe/Member/Swarty.

    I will say "Hi" if we pass in a friendly way. I will also upon completion of heretofore listed activities not leave
    underwear, earrings knives, ammo, or other insignificant yet oh-so-valuable knickknacks lying about or hidden
    somewhere in the co-signer's abode for the sole purpose of returning to said abode and breaking the no-contact
    agreement of this document.

    I furthermore state that I am of a DeadHORSe_Mindset & Full_American_Plan_Body.
    I am above lawful age of consent, and I will not use any Force/Threats/Promises.
        -- Oppps, I might slip on the 'Promises Part'
    I am in no fear whatsoever, do not expect to nor want to marry Him/Her, Don't know if He/She is Married
        or Not and don't care.
    I am not asleep nor fall down drunk and am signing this contract because I LOVE IT and want it as much
        as He/She does.

    I will not call said co-signer by any other name than is his or her own DH_NICK, nor reminisce on some former
    slime-ball/great lover who rode the same bike, wore the same brand leathers, army boxer shorts or
    crotch less this or that.

this DeadHORSe MC Consenting Partners Sex Contract
    is entered into on the day of _____________________________ 20__

between ____________________________________ (hereafter referred to as PARTY A)

and ________________________________________(hereafter referred to as PARTY B).

Terms & Conditions
    A sex session is hereafter referred to as IT.
    Best Effort is partaking in activities for as long as possible.

1. No sleeping over, unless IT is very good and PARTY A needs to repeat IT in the morning.
2. No calls.
3. PARTY A retains discretion on which fantasies are acted out.
4. This contract prohibits any emotional attachment.
5. No plans made in advance, that is why you are called the "backup"
6. This is not a mutually exclusive contract for PARTY A
7. No baby talk, however, dirty talk is encouraged.
8. Any instructions/HOWTOs given to PARTY B shall be remembered and practiced
9. Procreation is not an option - Termination is the only course of action.
10. No extra clothing, I don't want your ass leaving anything behind when you leave.
11. Falling asleep right after IT, is not encouraged, it's over; go home. See Clause 1
12. Don't be offended if I don't ask if you enjoyed IT.
13. You cannot borrow my BIKE for any reason.
14. If anyone asks who you are, the standard response will be "Harley Huey's Friend".
15. Best Effort to accommodate all requests by PARTY A should be made by PARTY B
16. Scheduling of IT is at the sole discretion of PARTY A, however PARTY B is welcome to make suggestions
17. No condoms, no IT.
18. Bring your own alcohol, I am not your liquor store.
19. Documentation of PARTY B may be held for historical purposes by PARTY A.
20. Should PARTY A wish to terminate this contract, effect is immediate
    20a Should PARTY B wish to terminate this contract, 14 Days notice, or 6 ITs, which ever period is longer
21. The aforementioned rules may only be altered by PARTY A.
    21b. If the PARTY B wishes to change or alter any terms of this Agreement, it is at the sole discretion of PARTY A


PARTY Bs Signature________________________________ Date_______________

PARTY As Signature________________________________ Date_______________